I can’t even describe to your how amazing my trip was with Soko and Mugi! As you know Mongolia can be quite a challenging place to travel as a solo backpacker, especially in September and October when the tourist season has slowed down. So, I decided to start off with a tour in the Gobi dessert! I was just absolutely so lucky to start things off with Soko as my guide. She was professional, very kind and a great cook! The best part is that Soko takes pride in showing her country to travelers, she was full of information, stories and translated all of our questions. She really looked after all of us, making sure we were comfortable and entertained the entire time (even during the long drives!). Not only that, but she helped me find information on how to travel further to Western Mongolia on my own. As for Mugi, truly the best driver in Mongolia! I mean, I don’t live there, nor do I drive there! But he made sure we were safe, that his vehicle was running smoothly and that we were also entertained with a variety of music! He certainly is an entertaining character and another professional who takes pride in what he does. Soko and Mugi provided a very special start to my adventure in Mongolia. Thank you!!

Andrea Bluteau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada--- Trip was in September 2013--- I still think about it!
December 27th, 2016

Our one week long trip to Gobi desert was great! It was very interesting to see local sites such as the old sea bottom and some holy places and learn about the Mongolian history. I also enjoyed staying the nights with the local families in a traditional Mongolian "ger". I think it was a very unique experience to see how the nomad people live including what they eat and wear and how they fullfill their daily duties with the gers, children and the cattle. Even the hot weather and long car drive didn´t feel so hard to stand because of the nice company and good Mongolian music we sang in the car. I also appreciate how our guide cooked vegetarian food especially for me and my friend and it wasn´t a problem at all. She also took a great care of myself when I fell ill, which I will for sure remember. Thank you Soko for an unforgettable experience! 

Kamilla Finnland

“I lived and taught in Mongolia for two years.  During my second year, I took a tour to the Gobi Desert in April with a friend.  Soko was our tour guide, cook and translator speaking English, German and Mongolian.  We found her to be professional and very well versed on the Gobi.  We asked her many questions, which she was always able to answer clearly.  We were on a vegetarian diet and she provided delicious meals that suited our needs.  I enjoyed the uniqueness and vastness of the Gobi Desert, and would highly recommend Soko as a tour guide.”

Diane Height, USA  

Soko was my guide on a week - long trip through the Gobi Desert.  We found her to be very knowledgeable about Mongolia, and also extremely friendly and good-humoured - we felt that she was not just our guide, but also our friend.  I highly recommend her travel services.

Glenn Mosher, Toronto, Canada

"In the spring of 2011 Soko was the guide for a trip that a friend and I took to the Gobi desert.  Soko was an excellent guide.  She knew the history of the area, her English was excellent, and she cooked delicious meals that constantly surprised us with their diversity.  We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the time we spent with Soko and would certainly contact her to guide us again when we plan another trip to Mongolia."  

Nancy Hensel, President, New American Colleges and Universities

Whatever you’re looking for, a travel in Mongolia has much to do with the guide and the driver. Before getting there, we were really wandering how to deal with that question. Thanks to Soko and Mügi, we had the opportunity to experience their wonderful country and people the best way. During one month, we’ve been from east to west, from south up north and then again through amazing landscapes and warmful ger camps. We never got lost except when we somehow wanted to… into the wild. We’ll never forget these moments ! Julien Peltier, Paris, January 2012

Quel que soit ce que vous recherchez, il est difficile de concevoir un voyage en Mongolie sans guide ni chauffeur. Avant d’arriver ici, nous nous demandions vraiment quelle était l’option la plus intéressante à ce sujet. Grâce à Soko et Mügi, nous avons eu la chance de découvrir leurs merveilleux peuple et pays de la meilleure manière qui soit. Pendant un mois, nous sommes allés d’est en ouest, du sud au nord, encore et toujours, à travers de somptueux paysages et des camps de ger hospitaliers. Nous ne nous sommes jamais égarés, sauf lorsque, d’une certaine façon, nous n’attendions que cela pour nous perdre dans la nature… Nous n’oublierons jamais ces instants ! 

Julien Peltier, Paris, Janvier 2012

The smoothest bumpy ride:
In August 2011 I travelled with guide Soko and driver Moggi from the White Lake up to Hovsgol Lake. What a great trip it was! Not only did Moggi’s excellent driving skills ensure a good trip from A to B (he is the best driver in the country, he even won the Russian van race). Especially Soko’s warmhearted and sincere care for all group members made this a very enjoyable trip and a trip I cherish greatly. Soko is a great cook and a teller of fascinating Mongolian stories, myths and anecdotes. Some of those stories kept spooking through my head for a couple of days later, like the one about the film crew in the Gobi desert and the shaman’s returning hat. When I think back of the trip with Soko, the first thing that comes to my mind is Soko’s smiling face… with the stunning Mongolian landscape all around! And of course, I will never forget our marshmallow camp fire!

Jacqueline, The Netherlands – 07/02/2012


















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