The most important material object in the Mongolian nomadic life is undoubtedly the traditional Mongol Ger or Yurt. The Mongolians hand these yurts down through generations and they represent Mongolian’s brand of creation. It is ideally suited for the country’s extreme climate and the people’s nomadic way of life. It’s a multipurpose dwelling that can be easily dismantled and transported to another place and put up again, fully preserving it’s original shape.

The yurt has a beautifully carved center support pole and painted door which is south oriented. When you enter a yurt, airag (fermented horse’s milk), cheese, curd and yogurt and blown snuff bottles are exchanged. It is very easy to meet nomads and enter into a yurt as Mongolian nomads are among the most hospitable people in the world.
Life in a yurt tightens the relationship between relatives – making families stronger. Also living in a yurt gives people the great opportunity of being close to nature and living authentically.



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