Enjoy Adventure Holidays in Mongolia that you will never forget!

We are an independent full-service tour operator offering complete tour planning for individuals and/or groups of all sizes. We can help you to plan your next adventure from start to finish.

We are made up of a young, energetic, reliable, friendly and very experienced team. We believe in the highest quality experience – essential for all to benefit from!

We specialize in customized, well-organized, exciting and widely varied itineraries to fit your interest and needs. Our clients are independent travellers and groups. We, personally have done all of our own trips and so we know about tour logistics, routes, landscapes, local accommodation, local specialities, etc. This will give you the unique opportunity to discover the nomadic people, traditions, culture and countryside of Mongolia in an authentic way that will suit your needs.

Mongol Nomads was founded by a 100% genuine local Mongolian who can best serve the needs of international travellers. Our team of other Mongolians deals with local nomadic families to support our country and local people. Our tours visit nomadic families so we can support these people, which will help make their futures better. The families that open their homes benefit from the opportunities to get to know you travellers. This enriches their lives and in return will, of course, enrich yours.

We welcome your feedback and input at any time.

“During our trip, TRAVEL like YOU are the ONLY person on the PLANET, BUT without ever feeling lonely.”












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