MONGOL NOMADS creating tours based on your interests, time & enjoyment

We can organize all kinds of trips in Mongolia from sightseeing tours to adventures tours for you and for your group. We have the friendly and well-experienced local drivers and local English-speaking tour guides. If necessary, we have guides available to conduct tours in German, French, Italian, Korean and Chinese languages. We welcome you with our knowledgeable staff to customize a tour that fits all of your needs and suits your schedule.

One day sightseeing tours are a great way to maximize your travel time.
All types of day trips are organized from arrival to departure. We arrange all of the day transportation, activities, and meals. Our relationships with local activity providers can save your money and at the same time coordinate all of the transportation scheduling.

Can also be customized for your own group for one day or, even better, for multiple days.
Whether you want to see the entire country, or just one region, doing a group tour can utilize a variety of popular itineraries, be excellent value for money and lots of fun, too. The size of our groups ranges from 2 up to 6, 12, 16 and 22 depending on the tour. Age wise, most of our customers are between 25 and 65.

The usual model size is of just 2 to 6 on most tours, which is maximum group size for a small group, it feels more like travelling with friends than being on an organized big group tour, which gives travelers really good value. Our groups are made up of singles, couples and friends from all around the world. You'll meet like-minded people where everyone is guaranteed to share a passion for travel and discovery, and a small group will allow you to get further off the tourist trails for a more intimate experience.

Our Guides will help to arrange the activities during your trip that work as translators, cooks & organizers and get you from A to B. There are real benefits to having a knowledgeable local show you around. They are familiar with the daily life of nomads in the countryside when you visit nomadic families along the way. As well as seeing key sights and attractions, you’ll have the advantage of an informed guide to expand your knowledge of Mongolia. They are knowledgeable and passionate about the history and culture of their country and have a passionate desire to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Our Mongolian drivers are experienced and have vital skills as local drivers. With their private vehicles they will help you discover Mongolia with you to every spot and way of your trip, especially driving in remote areas without any Navigation off the road. They are good, trusted, friendly and very good at mechanics; by the end of your trip you will have made a great relationship and memorable trip with them from arrival to departure.

In terms of accommodation, you can choose from comfortable, luxury hotels in Ulaanbaatar for your place of stay to a range of tourist Ger camp lodges, or hostels. In the countryside while traveling, you can choose from home staying with nomads for the real nomadic experience to get the chance to sample local cuisine or choose from a variety of Ger camp lodges, or an outdoor camping experience. Whatever type of accommodation, activities, and transport you choose for your trip, it is our pleasure to arrange them at your request.

Nomads learn to ride a horse before they learn to walk. So horse and camel treks are the highlight of many Mongolia trips. Rugged terrain, few sealed roads, no fences, beautiful scenery all around, covered by a big blue sky is an extraordinary experience. Horse and camel riding in Mongolia brings a feeling of freedom, which will stay with you for a life time. Reasonable and easy to organize, you can choose anything from 2 hours to multi days horse and camel riding from nomadic herder family Ger, to a wild camping spot. Even you can plan on heading out for a month-long journey.


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