We partner with our customers to understand your interests and ensure that you are with a safe and exciting travel company that introduces you to the nomadic culture, pure landscape, and the nomadic people of Mongolia while also benefiting local communities and families.

Our company’s mission strives to achieve cross-cultural relationships between you, the traveller, and the Mongolian nomadic people making your travel experience a unique, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. We focus on integrating and benefiting local families into the experience.

We also have qualified local tour guides who travel with drivers who are experienced in driving on the often rough and rocky terrain in Mongolia. The drivers are also experienced mechanics – necessary when travelling long distances with no garages. They are also Mr fix-its who are capable of charging your phone batteries to mending your flip-flops! Both guides and drivers are well organised and efficient in all aspects of adventure travelling from quickly putting up tents to making a delicious meal out the back of a van.

Mongol Nomad's dual goal as a local company is to benefit local families and provide the customer with a one of a kind travel experience based on forging connections with local nomads, exposing the traveller to the beauty of Mongolian culture and land.

The majority of our itineraries include local nomadic families. They use their local supplies for all of your accommodations and scheduled activities. Most food is purchased and prepared locally eliminating waste and energy. We also contribute to local charities and projects as a commitment to our mission.

Our vision is to be Mongolia's leading independent tourism company focusing on bringing every customer closer to the Mongolian traditions, culture, land, and even to local nomadic herder families in a manner that excites, energizes, fosters friendships, and ultimately satisfies every traveller’s greatest Mongolian dreams.

This is your opportunity to explore the Mongolian countryside with the most innovative, affordable, and exciting trip possible. It will be well organized, unique, and take you to the best and farthest regions of Mongolia.


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