The Mongolian Nomad’s food is based on mutton, beef, camel, yak, dairy products, homemade noodles and rice. Traditionally, for their choice of foods, Mongolians will take into the consideration the season and how healthy the food is for that particular time of the year. In the summer, the nomads do not eat much meat, mostly consuming dairy products only. When the weather cools down with the start of autumn, ripened wild berries, vegetables and grains, such as wheat, come into the menu. In the severe winter, the nomads regularly consume highly nutritious preserved meat, rich in protein and fat to allow them to keep warm and stay strong. Mongolians especially love the meat of their five main animals: sheep, goat, horse, yak and camel. Steamed or boiled meats are the most popular dishes of all.

Today in Ulaanbaatar city, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from serving Mongolian, European, American, or Asian cuisines. This represents the food of more than 20 countries doing business in Ulaanbaatar.

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